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Ep 166: Secure Act 2.0 - What You Need to Know

The SECURE Act, when rolled out in 2020, was some of the most significant retirement legislation in years, but the government is already discussing further changes. Let’s run through the list of proposals and find out how they might impact planning in the future.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

1:02 – Summer update

2:55 – Background on the SECURE Act

3:46 – RMD age increase even further

6:17 – Auto-enroll into 401k

8:00 – Catch-up contributions could increase

10:11 – Matching contributions on student loan payments

12:18 – National 401k database 

Ep 165: Learning Through Uncommon Sense

The statements we’ll run though on the show today are basic common sense that nearly everyone would agree with, but our behave often doesn’t line up. Today look at these straight-forward approaches and explain what keeps us from following them.


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What we discuss on this episode:

0:55 – Life without masks

4:22 – Buy Low and Sell High

6:59 – Don’t pay more in taxes than you have to

9:39 – Keep costs low

11:59 – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket  

14:03 – Market timing is virtually impossible

Ep 164: Financial Planning in Biden’s America

On today’s show, we’re going to be talking about financial planning in President Biden’s America. We’re past his 100th day in office, so let’s take a look at the impacts in financial planning and the markets.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

3:17 – Taxes

7:50 – Infrastructure

14:15 – Capital gains

17:37 – Climate

Ep 163: Flirting with Financial Disaster

Comprehensive planning takes care of every aspect of retirement, but without it there are areas that could quickly become a calamity. Today we’ll identify five key areas where people don’t pay enough attention and end up flirting with disaster.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

2:24 – Out of date legal documents

7:21 – Incorrect beneficiaries

10:15 – Ticking tax time bomb

14:43 – Long-term care expenses

19:12 – The 60/40 portfolio

Ep 162: Tax Tips for 2021

If you’re getting prepared to file your 2020 taxes and looking ahead to the changes that might be coming this year and beyond, we’ll run through some of the key items from a very unique and challenging last 12 months.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

1:45 – Stimulus payments

5:31 – Tax brackets

7:55 – Extra deductions for charity

10:36 – Required Minimum Distributions

12:55 – Home office deductions

15:14 – Filing advice

17:54 – State specific changes

18:34 – How our team assists with tax planning

Ep 161: 5 Important Retirement Statistics Worth Your Time

As we kick of the new year, let’s talk about what statistics tell us about retirement. We found five specific stats that will surprise you and make you realize that financial planning needs to be a priority in 2021.


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What we discuss on this show: 

1:51 – Have clients been nervous about the start to 2021?

3:10 – Breaking down five important statistics

3:52 – Only 17% of American workers are confident they’ll have enough in retirement.

7:30 – The average 65-year-old woman has an average life expectancy of 20.7 more years.

9:28 – Some issues that come up for women later in life

12:30 – 16.5% of country is over age of 65

17:09 – The average retiree will spend $295,000 on out-of-pocket medical expenses during retirement.

21:57 – 90% of people over 60 say a written plan is important but only 20% have one.

Ep 160: Special Election Review

Dan Cuprill is back on the show today to help us sort out the economic impact the election will have as we move into a new year. With talk of the Green New Deal, student debt forgiveness, and tax changes, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what’s next for investors. Today we’ll try to ease your mind and provide some clarity.


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What we discuss on this show: 

0:42 – Dan Cuprill back with us today

2:13 – What does the election mean for investors right now?

7:15 – Dan’s advice to everybody

9:04 – Unexpected bad news is what impacts the market

11:56 – Over time it doesn’t really matter

13:31 – This is why diversification is so important

14:33 – Possible economic policies of new administration

18:16 – Preparing for increased taxes

22:00 – What can we be doing right now as investors?

23:48 – Dan’s outlook for 2021

25:50 – Stay positive

26:57 – How to discuss further with Dan

Ep 159: Obsolete Retirement Planning Ideas

Much like technology becomes outdated each year, retirement planning strategies begin to lose their effectiveness over time. Today we’ll look at five different planning ideas that have been used quite a bit before but might not have the same impact in today’s economy and market conditions.


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What we discuss on this show: 

3:09 – Let’s start with the 4% Rule

6:55 – The 10-5-3 Rule  

8:40 – Move from stocks to bonds as you get older

11:20 – Get to $1 million in your retirement account and your ready for retirement.  

13:17 – You’ll need less income in retirement than you needed while working.  

15:56 – What’s the process for someone wanting to meet and work on these items?  

Ep 158: What Financial Challenges Do Women Face More Often?

Like it or not, there are certain financial challenges that women are more prone to face. Why is that? What can you do about it?


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On today's show:

1:06 - What financial issues are particularly challenging for women?

1:47 - What level of engagement do most women have in their financial plan?

4:06 - Why do so many retired women find themselves in difficult financial situations?

6:15 - What specific challenges are faced by widowed women?

7:39 - What should a husband do to prevent a mess being left behind for his wife?

8:44 - How has Nikki helped women facing retirement and financial stress alone?

Ep 157: Retirement Ready – Are You Clinging to False Hope?

We often find that people are clinging to certain ideas or beliefs that end up giving them a sense of false hope about their retirement. It’s a dangerous position to be in. Let’s explore some of the faulty thinking that ultimately leaves people underprepared for retirement.


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Today's show schedule: 

0:56 – How’s life in Ohio right now?

2:48 – What we’re talking about today.

3:36 – The mindset that you’ll be ready to retire when you hit a certain number.

8:15 – Belief that your income needs are going to decrease when you retire. 

10:40 – Assuming that an inheritance will make up for any shortfalls in retirement.

13:27 – You’re going to ‘just figure it out’ in retirement.   

14:23 – Assuming that the income estimate on our 401k statement is accurate. 

16:53 – Take us through the Money & Clarity for crafting a plan.

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