Solving the Financial Puzzle

Ep 160: Special Election Review

December 3, 2020

Dan Cuprill is back on the show today to help us sort out the economic impact the election will have as we move into a new year. With talk of the Green New Deal, student debt forgiveness, and tax changes, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what’s next for investors. Today we’ll try to ease your mind and provide some clarity.


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What we discuss on this show: 

0:42 – Dan Cuprill back with us today

2:13 – What does the election mean for investors right now?

7:15 – Dan’s advice to everybody

9:04 – Unexpected bad news is what impacts the market

11:56 – Over time it doesn’t really matter

13:31 – This is why diversification is so important

14:33 – Possible economic policies of new administration

18:16 – Preparing for increased taxes

22:00 – What can we be doing right now as investors?

23:48 – Dan’s outlook for 2021

25:50 – Stay positive

26:57 – How to discuss further with Dan