Solving the Financial Puzzle

Ep 161: 5 Important Retirement Statistics Worth Your Time

January 14, 2021

As we kick of the new year, let’s talk about what statistics tell us about retirement. We found five specific stats that will surprise you and make you realize that financial planning needs to be a priority in 2021.


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What we discuss on this show: 

1:51 – Have clients been nervous about the start to 2021?

3:10 – Breaking down five important statistics

3:52 – Only 17% of American workers are confident they’ll have enough in retirement.

7:30 – The average 65-year-old woman has an average life expectancy of 20.7 more years.

9:28 – Some issues that come up for women later in life

12:30 – 16.5% of country is over age of 65

17:09 – The average retiree will spend $295,000 on out-of-pocket medical expenses during retirement.

21:57 – 90% of people over 60 say a written plan is important but only 20% have one.