Solving the Financial Puzzle

Ep 152: Meet the New Host Nikki Earley

February 20, 2020

After a short break, the podcast is back with some news! Dan Cuprill has handed the baton to Nikki Earley and she’s taking over the show moving forward. Today we’ll introduce you to the Certified Financial Planner and get to know who she away from the office. We’ll also talk about the future of the show as we make the transition to a new host.  


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Today's show rundown: 

0:57 – The podcast might sound a little different today as Nikki Earley is taking over hosting duties from Dan Cuprill.

2:03 – Nikki updates news from around the office and the reason behind the name change.

3:09 – Nikki tells the story about how she and Dan originally met.

6:52 – What do you enjoy most about what you do at Money and Clarity?

8:15 – Did you make any new year’s resolutions this year? And how’s your progress going?

8:51 – Dan gave her a new book recently about organizing your life called The Bullet Journal Method

10:47 – What do you like best about working in Cincinnati and living in Dayton?  

13:00 – What does a typical weekend look like for Nikki?

14:48 – Nikki has a cooking background so what dish is she best known for?

15:45 – Bengals fan? Who else do you pull for?

16:35 – The Dayton community is also excited about the Flyers basketball team right now.  

18:07 – The goals for the podcast as we relaunch the show.