Solving the Financial Puzzle

Ep 157: Retirement Ready – Are You Clinging to False Hope?

July 16, 2020

We often find that people are clinging to certain ideas or beliefs that end up giving them a sense of false hope about their retirement. It’s a dangerous position to be in. Let’s explore some of the faulty thinking that ultimately leaves people underprepared for retirement.


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Today's show schedule: 

0:56 – How’s life in Ohio right now?

2:48 – What we’re talking about today.

3:36 – The mindset that you’ll be ready to retire when you hit a certain number.

8:15 – Belief that your income needs are going to decrease when you retire. 

10:40 – Assuming that an inheritance will make up for any shortfalls in retirement.

13:27 – You’re going to ‘just figure it out’ in retirement.   

14:23 – Assuming that the income estimate on our 401k statement is accurate. 

16:53 – Take us through the Money & Clarity for crafting a plan.